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  • What are your recommended group sizes?
    For the best experience, we recommend group sizes of 4-6 participants. Area 51 can hold up to 10 people, but we will still recommend no more than 6 for the best experience for everyone involved.
  • I can only book up to 6 people online. Can I add just one more?
    The short answer is yes, but you must contact us ahead of time first. Please understand that some of the rooms are smaller and having any more people may lessen the experience of the whole group.
  • Are we actually locked in a room?
    No. You are never going to be physically trapped inside a room. If you need to leave at any point during the game, you're always welcome to step out.
  • What does it cost?
    $25.00 per person for groups of 3 or more. $37.50 per person for groups of 2 players.
  • Do I need a deposit?
    Yes. A deposit of a single admission ($25) is required at the time of booking. This deposit is refundable only if the booking is cancelled or rescheduled with a minimum of a days' notice.
  • What forms of payment do you accept?
    We accept cash and all major Credit and Debit cards.
  • What if we need to cancel our booking?
    If you need to cancel, please contact us as soon as possible (by email or phone) so we can make the spot available for another group.
  • Are escape rooms good for kids?
    Escape rooms are designed for adults and teenagers, however kids can still participate. Our recommendation age is 9 and up. Any younger and they will have difficulty connecting with the experience. They are still required to pay the cost of a full admission. All rooms require at least one adult (18+) to participate.
  • Does my group need an adult to participate?
    Yes. All bookings must have at least one paying adult (18+) in the room with the group.
  • We have no babysitter. Can I bring my baby or toddler in the room?
    As parents ourselves, we understand! We allow for no more than one toddler or baby to be accompanied in a room, at no additional cost.
  • Where are you located? Where should I park?
    We're in the same building as Mr Q's restaurant, with our entrance just off of Main Street. Parking is in the lot facing Giant Tiger with street parking also available. Once inside, just make your way downstairs. You can find us in Room 25.
  • Are your rooms scary?
    No, our rooms are not scary. You might experience unexpected surprises and loud noises but nothing scary by design.
  • How difficult are your rooms?
    The feedback we've gathered is that all our rooms offer a satisfying level of challenging puzzles. It's "Just right" for the experienced players. If you are inexperienced, let us know before entering the room and we will "nudge" you in the right direction if we feel that you need assistance. You can always ask for a hint at anytime without penalty.
  • I have a large group. Can I book 2 rooms at once?
    Yes, but you must call us ahead of time to make the arrangements as this option is not available online. We must also ensure that we have enough staff to accommodate running 2 rooms at one time.
  • Are your rooms wheelchair accessible?
    Unfortunately, we are located downstairs in a building without an elevator. We are not wheelchair accessible.
  • Do you have birthday party packages?
    We love to be a birthday party destination, but we don't offer birthday party pacakages. When someone celebrates a birthday with us, we just provide the escape room experience. You can organize a kid's birthday party with us, but at least one adult (18+) must be in the room with them at all times. Although welcome, we do not recommend kids younger than 8 years old.

Frequently Asked Questions

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